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Telefunken LED TV do not switch ON

When the TV is plugged on the AC power the red light at the bottom corner is lighting ON, but it is very dim and when i switch the TV ON nothing is happening. So, it does receive the power, but it does not show anything when switching ON.

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Sibusiso Cebisa what exact model is your Telefunken? So far from what you are describing this is a power board issue but we need more information. You will need to take it apart and measure some voltages. so you do need some basic hand tools and a multimeter. If you already have the back off, post some good pictures with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see. Adding images to an existing question

Most of these repairs are not very complicated and the boards are (usually) inexpensive enough to justify a repair. The reason why our planet is a mess is directly related to us discarding things instead of repairing. REPAIR IS WAR ON ENTROPY




If that light doesn't turn green when you attempt to power on via the remote or tv, your board is too old. TV's have a life of about 5 years these days. It's not worth replacing the board either. Costs just about as much as a brand new tv. Recommend you dispose and buy a new tv.


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