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Screen turning black from the bottom

I did a battery replacement and I did something I probably shouldn’t and didn’t need to do, I removed the screen. Before, this phone just had a water damaged (but working) screen and a spicy pillow. Now after power cycling, repositioning the connector, and hard resetting, it still shows this. It’s different every time, but every time it turns on from boot, everything is fine until the apple logo turns greyish. The screen starts turning black from the bottom and spreads throughout the screen slowly as i use it. It also has a similar effect to burn in.

Block Image

Is this circuitry damage or did the battery expanding inside destroy the screen?

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@erse double check your complete work. From what you said the prior battery had expanded so yes, that could be an issue that will require a new screen. the only other thing I wonder about is how you handle the water damage. Double check your connector for bend pins on both the board and the cable connector. After that, I recommend you get a new display and change yours. If nothing else it will give you a known-well starting point for further troubleshooting.

iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Replacement


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I took my time and i noticed some of the foam on top of the connectors fell off and parts landed in between the connectors. I fixed that and it is mostly working now. Although there are very faint white vertical lines that get brighter on darker colors, but I think that’s just a display problem. After seeing the display turn on for the first time in ages, I noticed the resolution seemed pretty bad, not as I remembered. Maybe thats cause displays have gotten so good now, but there is a big difference compared to the 5s.

One more question, is it bad if the battery is all the way to the left? Not sure how much space is needed because i heard batteries expand. It’s practically touching the whole left side with a big gap on the top and right side.


@erse as long as it does have room to do some expansion, you will be okay. Different story if it is all the way around tight.




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