Model: HX9300 Series The Philps Sonicare DiamondClean Series can be identified by its model family number: HX9300. All HX93xx models are the same toothbrush. The third and fourth number determines the contents of the box. The numbers after the slash (/) determine the color of the handle.

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Securing metal shaft into metal housing

I've taken apart my Sonicare toothbrush to fix a loose connection and see that the straight metal shaft has completely dislodged from the metal housing piece. It can be reinserted, but is not secure, and thus slips out. How can I ensure a tight fit before reassembling? I'm not sure if the original was one piece and mine is simply broken, or if some sort of glue bond has been compromised. Thanks!

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As far als I know it is secured with a triangle shaped piece of metal and a screw. Look at step 5 in this guide: Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Metal Brush Connector Replacement


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The entire housing is held in by a screw. However, the metal rod is not attached to the housing unit. I’m already at step 7 on that guide.




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