Apple's October 2020 refresh of its iPad Air tablet, sporting an A14 Bionic processor, a 10.9" screen, a new design, and in-button TouchID.

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iPad Air 4 anti-repair measures

Are there any anti-repair boobytraps in this device? Touch-ID of course is probably coupled with logicboard I'm going to assume..

What about the screen for example though? Does swapping the screen with replica variant cause true-tone to disable?

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This is a really good question HOWEVER…

Unfortunately people haven’t really tried looking for any anti repair traps so they are basically unknown but I can give you some information on what to expect and lookout for:-) (just from my experience from Apple products in general!)

When lifting up the screen be careful of the short screen cables as if you aren’t careful you can rip the connector off the board

Remember to disconnect the battery to prevent any damaged to components

Expect True Tone not to work (might work if the screen data is transferred over with the correct equipment)

Expect a “screen not genuine” message after the new screen is installed

And last but not least expect LOADS of adhesive as that’s what majority holds iPads together

If you have any more questions please ask;-)

Hopefully this helps



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Thank you for all this useful information. I've fixed many devices before and I'm aware of common obstacles. However I need some hard facts specifically about this device. Is the screen locked to the logicboard (for true tone)? Someone who has worked on this device probably knows the answer for sure.



Ok sounds good

Maybe try looking on YouTube for tutorials as they might mention the pairing issue:-)




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