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Face ID not working

I hope somebody can help! A while ago, i dropped my phone on a concrete floor which cracked the front and back glass. The glass on the front cracked leaving a small hairline crack on the screen conveniently across the circle on the screen where the dot projector is. Anyways, i used my repair skills and changed the back glass and screen today using all original apple parts (except the back glass obviously). To my surprise face id still shows the message ’There’s an issue with your iphones ability to use face i’d’ & ‘A problem was detected with the truedepth camera’

It is also worth noting that upon inspection, the dot projector was slightly dirty so i gently cleaned the dirt off with a q-tip, other than that no flex cables are torn and everything else works perfectly apart from face id and portrait mode (which keeps telling me to move further away).

Please help!

p.s. i also reprogrammed the screen :)

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Just to clarify, you replaced the screen only, and transferred the earpiece/front sensor assembly to the new screen, right?

From the sounds of it, you didn't remove the front camera assembly, is that correct? (No reason to, just to replace the screen.)

The rear glass, was that the old "dig out all the old glass and pop in a new piece of glass" kind of repair? Or was something more involved?

Not trying to be picky, just wanting to better understand where you are in order to try and help you out.


@dadibrokeit yep, transferred the assembly from the old screen to the new screen, i didn’t remove or touch the part with the camera, dot projector etc aside from cleaning it gently. For the back i used a heat gun to remove the old glass and pop in a new glass but i removed the logic board and cameras beforehand





From what you have said it sounds like ether there is a dodgy camera/Face ID assembly connection to the logicboard or the Face ID components are damaged in some way

I would first try and reseat the camera/Face ID assembly and if hat doesn’t work reasearch If the individual components in the Face ID system can be replaced

Hopefully this helps



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