Broken lid during open/close

I've noticed strange 'sticky' sound during moving the lid (close or open).

Can be hear on attached video.

Should I worry about it? What could cause this 'issue'?

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@alekkania I have the same MacBook (M1 Pro) and I have no such sounds on my lid. Note: It's almost impossible to discern the clicks in the video. I turned my speakers to max and heard nothing, but when I used my AirPods Max and cranked the volume to 100%, I did hear a couple faint clicks.

I suspect it's the hinges, could be a tiny piece of debris / dust has gotten in there somehow. Try carefully using some Air Duster to clean the area and see it that helps.

There were a couple of stories about people who closed the lid on their 2021 16 M1's in the evening, and when opening them again the next morning the screen was cracked and destroyed. (Apple refused service.)



I do have the same problem during open after night but I noticed the same in previous Mac so dont care :).

I mean - screen is not destroyed but during open I notice loud silicon/magnes sound

Thanks I will try it


You can find replacement hinges here: