Released September 21, 2018. Models A1921, A2101, A2102, A2104. Available as GSM or CDMA / eSIM or nano-SIM / 64, 256, or 512 GB / Silver, Gold, or Space Gray. (Pronounced "iPhone 10 S Max.")

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XS Max screen issues


tldr: Bootloops with original screen and when using a replacement screen I have no touch except for tap to wake.

I recently got myself a very destroyed XS Max that I wanted to fix (back + front destroyed, wireless charging pad gone and volume flex also destroyed).

When I got it with its original screen it kept bootlooping (Apple logo and after 2-3 seconds blackscreen into Apple logo sometimes with the screen flashin green).

Read something about dock connector temperature sensor stuff and ordered a new dock connector flex.

But since the new housing + screen (cheap aliexpress incell LCD one) already arrived I decided to already transfer it and just for fun try booting it up again and it somehow booted.

Touch wasnt working so I turned it of again and reconnected both screen cables and touch was alive.

But everytime I disconnected both screen cables it was 50/50 if touch is working or not until now.

Now only tap to wake works but no touch.

Tried the original screen again and it still bootloops.

Phone also got very hot during all this but this may just be due to resetting and reflashing iOS while charging an almost dead battery.

edit: definitely was the reason for it getting hot.

Now its comfortable again but seems to lag sometimes (pressing power button or tapping it takes 4 - 5 seconds to recognize)

Now I am close to ordering a new replacement screen to see if my screen somehow is just bad or my phone.

Any other Ideas ?

edit2: managed to further diagnose it.

When I plug the original screen in without the touch flex cable the phone boots but obviously has no touch.

On the new screen tap to wake doesnt seem to work on the bootom 1/8 (literally the part where you have to swipe to unlock) So maybe just a bad screen and some weird touch damage on the old screen ?

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Just to clarify - with the new housing and screen the only issues remaining are the touch and intermittent lag? And that only the housing and screen were replaced, are you using the original charging port or did you end up swapping it?

My first instinct is towards the screen, given the touch issues and that you described it as a "cheap aliexpress screen". Can you provide any info on the details of the screen you bought - they may describe it as LCD, hard OLED, soft OLED, or some variation of that. If it was the cheapest, I'm concerned it might be LCD? LCD is the worst for an OLED phone, it can often have touch issues, and since the phone was designed for the lower power OLED type display, the backlight drains far more power than the phone was designed for.


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still using the original charging port (new one will arrive in like a week) and only housing and screen are swapped so far. Also I got no wireless charging/volume flex attached cause original is broken.

But given that I can boot up using another screen and also as I discovered today I can boot up using the original screen without the touch flex attached I doubt that my carging port connector is bad.

New screen was described as Incell LCD (and definitely is one given its size and having no true blacks) so you may be correct regarding power issues but unfortunately I have no way to test this in the near future unless I get myself a broken original screen from ebay or a higher quality new one


I agree with you, it doesn't seem to be a charging port issue, just wanted to clarify what was changed and what wasn't.

When you boot the phone with the old phone without the touch flex attached, does the phone still lag?

I think it's more than likely the touch issue is a result of the screen especially since LCD on OLED phones are prone to that, it's just narrowing down the lagging issue at this point



Old screen without Touch flex: No lag (spammed powerbutton for like 1 min)

New Screen without touch flex: No lag (also spammed for 1 min)

New Screen with touch flex: Lag after about 15 seconds.

Whats keeping me from just slapping another more quality screen on it is that there is a touch related issue for both screens (bootlooping on old and no working touch on new)

But new screen is on its way and I will report back once installed



New screen arrived And unfortunately it still has the same issues.

No touch but noticeable less lag but not fully gone.

At this point I guess its safe to Say that it rebooting with original screen touch attached and having no touch on any replacement screen seems like a board issue ?

But I was able to get touch controls working for like 30 secs yesterday by turning it off ond on again a bunch of times. Alweays stopped working after like 30secs tho :/




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