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Laptop turns off after loading bar during booting process

Found this issue on my 17” 2011 MacBook Pro:

  1. Press power button, no response, and nothing happens.
  2. Press shift + control + option together, laptop turns on, can see Apple logo and loading bar, but no Apple chime sound.
  3. Laptop turns off right before loading bar completes(about 3 to 4 seconds).
  4. Disconnect the battery, get the power adaptor connected, and repeat #1. #2 and #3 above, same symptom.

What could be wrong, GPU failed on logic bard or something else?

Many thanks,

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Points #2 and #3 perfectly match with a faulty GPU. Point #1 is a bit unusual, but one never knows what a faulty GPU may cause, a bit of testing would be needed to confirm. You can try google “Macbook Pro GPU disable”, there are several tested solutions, software, hardware and hybrid to run the machine with only the Intel HD3000 graphic if that is acceptable for you. Since it doesn’t seem to even boot, you’ll probably need a Linux boot distro in any case to have the Mac boot.

Or you could try “baking” the board, that may buy you some time although it’s not a long term solution. I would avoid throwing money on a GPU replacement, unless with a well reputed and honest lab.


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@arbaman - Thanks, will try that "baking" solution.


@arbaman - Hi, just checking, should Apple self-diagnostic program report anything if GPU failed? I tried to run it, simple and extensive testing, both passed. Any thoughts?


@lovecd Not been dealing with A1286 for some time, but as far as I remember AHT doesn't report anything abt GPU failure, probably it doesn't even test it.


@arbaman - I see. By the way, just checking, for "baking" method, did you put the whole logic board into oven or use heat gun to "bake" the GPU unit only?


@lovecd I don't own a faulty 2011 MBP, I do repairs for customers and as I said initially, consensus in the community is that baking isn't a repair. Thus I don't bake boards either way.





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