Support and repair information for Beats Solo3 headphones.

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headphones lights and the bluetooth

why aren’t my beats connecting to my phone? Every time i try to connect them the device wont show up on my phone. They are also fully charged and the lights are gone as well. Help pls?

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Have you tried pairing and unpairing from you phone






I’m not totally clear on your issue. For example, you said: “They are also fully charged and the lights are gone as well.” How do you know they’re fully charged if the LEDs don’t light up? Or do you see flashing LEDs instead?

Without knowing exactly what the issue is, here are three official and one unofficial troubleshooting tactics for Solo 3 Wireless headsets:

  1. Manually forget the headphones from your list of Bluetooth-enabled devices; then re-pair.
  2. Reset them. (See image @ end of post.)
  3. Make sure firmware is current.
  4. Unofficially: You can try letting the headphones battery completely deplete. Once dead, re-connect to charger and when you have sufficient battery power, try to connect via Bluetooth. This worked for me once, and I’ve seen a couple comments on crowdsourcing sites (e.g., Reddit, Apple forums) that indicated a few other ppl have had luck with this. No one including myself is totally clear on why this works, but it seems to reset the remote. (It may be especially helpful if you notice the problem after a particularly rainy or sweaty day, but it seems to have solved some moisture-independent problems too.)

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