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Rare iPhone failure leaving me stumped!

Hey guys, I’m having the strangest issue with my personal XS max (to the point I replaced it). Ill give you as much background as I can incase anyone has any ideas. The phones a bit beat (cracked screen and a dent or two) but gave me no issues when suddenly I woke to my phone dead. Unable to charge it or even get the dead battery logo. Trying the normal nee cable etc to no prevail (I mean every trick and cable, cleaning etc) so I stuck it on my wireless charger and watched it immediately light up, charge, and turn on. The next day the lighting port was still completely dead and confused continued to use wireless charging for another day. Suddenly after maybe 48 hours the port works flawlessly again. All that might have nothing to do with it but roughly a week or two later the phone suddenly slow and crashing. When I say slow I mean once it’s booted to open the phone app would take around 30-45 second. It also would soft reset about every 5 mins with use or without. Everything hardware wise still worked (camera etc) but the phone was unusable. It was so unstable and slow that I could airdrop a photo or backup and even trying a computer restore the phone would reset long before ever getting close. I’ve done tons of iPhone repairs and have seen a battery failure slow a phone to a crawl but this was extreme and the charging port issue 2 weeks earlier made me think a main board could be the issue. I proceeded to take the phone into a local but questionable repair shop to ask them to swap the main board into a different shell to see if it’s ok. They got back to me later that day explaining that the board worked flawless in a different shell and they suspected the charging port (which I thought strange). I ordered a new Battery that day and installed it in confidence the problem would be solved. Unfortunately no luck and I ordered a charging port assuming the repair shop might have actually know something I didn’t. I have no replaced the battery and charging port just to have the same issue. I tried systematically disconnecting hardware (with a restart) to see if something could change but there was no difference. So currently the only thing I haven’t scratched off the list is the screen being the problem or maybe the repair shop just lied and sent me on my way down a rabbit hole. I really want / need to fix this phone but I can’t afford to throw parts at it just to have a paper weight. Has anyone experienced anything like this or can give me some insight.

I know that was a lot of text, sorry

If anyone can help thank you in advance

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hello brebdeb,

This is a common accessory problem. It can originate from a damaged capacitor or other passive element (even on flex cables). Unfortunately, diagnostics require several devices, as well as the repair itself. I suggest you find a good repair shop (the previous one is not good, since you were treated like that. Besides, I don't think anyone there knows what to do).

If you decide to repair on your "own kitchen table", you need to know that some workshop equipment would be useful, which will effectively speed up or even enable the correct diagnosis. However, the costs will be high, so repairing in an already existing repair shop is a better idea.

tip: always start and finish job with disconnecting the power source (battery or workshop power supply). A mistake can cost you dearly - this is one of the most important rules for safe work in a microelectronics workshop. The second - to protect the device against ESD - put on nitrile gloves or an effective anti-ESD armband on your hands. Most of the ESD damage cannot be repaired.

However, if you are stubborn and you want to do diagnostics yourself (which I encourage you to do), disconnect everything from the motherboard except for two screen tapes (touch + video) and the battery. Start the phone and check its operation. If it's ok, turn off the phone, disconnect the battery and connect the next element to the system. Of course, at the end, connect the battery and start the phone. Check its operation. Follow these steps until you run into a problem. I would expect problems with the one of camera, but the charging tape can also be the cause. Your experiences you write about at the beginning will be important. It is all very important. More tips can be found on my blog (use the translator - I am writing this for my local community in the EU).

regards, fingers crossing


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Thank you for the awesome response. Very interesting results. I had previously done the exact steps you listed with no change. However I decided why not go once more. Firing up the phone and just what I feared, the same. Suddenly it does it’s normal reset and comes back with full speed working 1000% better. Unfortunately even with just the screen and having everything working right. The phone still soft resets after a couple mins of sitting or use. Still this is progress and I must thank you. I feel a restore is the next step but I’m worried about bricking the device if it resets during the restore (it was previously and also took so long due to how slow it was that it never could even start)

Any advice on a next step?

Could the display or digitizer cause the crash?


I think absolutely so. Normal operation in any good repair shop, the phone would be placed in a safe and known environment (original and 100% working housing with a screen for such cases). Resets can also be caused by short circuits in logical lines or their incorrect parameters. For example: a non-original charging tape, due to an incompatible (Chinese) driver, will reset the device every few tens of seconds. Blocked signal of the battery sensor will also reset the device at a fixed interval. After all, a damaged or inconsistent control signal from a gyroscope, voltage regulator, USB driver or other component or connection ... The mechanics of the fault is quite simple - the trick is to recognize and mathematically calculate the circumstances. Sometimes compared to another, similar case, in short, on experience. If you would like to remotely repair the device, with my help I refer you to my blog ( Send an e-mail with a reminder,


I will definitely ask for more details, maybe photos and I will definitely ask you to perform a few tests and measurements. My help is charitable and no fee is required at this stage. So I will be honored to be able to help you repair your phone and invite you to the group of over one hundreds users who have repaired their phones for free or engage a minimum of funds for components or the required equipment.


Thank you so much. The soft reset is a bit strange with a flashing screen and glitching visuals right before the reset to the apple logo. It happens almost like clock work on a set time even if not being used. I could send you a video if you think it might give insight. Otherwise I’m going to order a new screen assembly. Does anyone sell a actual like oem OLED replacement?


first make a small video and upload it. I would like to see that.




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