DualShock 4 light bar Flashes Yellow (not orange) while Charging.

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I know this question has been asked many times but in my case my controller seems to be working just fine other than a faulty R2 trigger which I’m 100% sure is a bad conductive rubber pad. The light bar emits a flashing bright yellow light when charging which I can assure you is not orange as I’ve seen many people state in other forums (that its yellow). I’ve recently replaced the battery with a higher capacity unit, but I don’t think this is what is causing the issue or is it? I’ve also began to believe some controllers do emit a yellow light and some orange? Resetting, cleaning the contacts, replacing the conductive membranes has not fixed the issue. Any help or input will be appreciated.

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When you use a DualShock 4 on a PC via USB cable, the light bar will not turn on. It flashes yellow when the controller is charging as well turned off both at same time. Or your ps4 is in rest mode because in rest mode your controller is turned off.


Thanks for the input. Since it's called the 'yellow light of death' indicating hardware damage or faulty drivers/firmware, shouldn't the light bar be flashing orange instead of yellow? My other 2 DS4 controllers flash orange when charging but this 3rd controller (CUH-ZCT1U) flashes yellow?


Does it charge?



@nytryder26 Yes it charges just fine which is confusing as it seems there are no hardware issues except for the faulty R2 trigger which I'm going to purchase new rubber pads for. When I press the PS button, I get the blue light as normal. I'm thinking it could be a firmware/driver issue.