Released September 16, 2016. Models A1661, A1784, and A1785. Available in 32, 128, or 256 GB configurations in Rose gold, gold, silver, black, jet black, and (Product)Red.

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My is not working at all

So I have iPhone 7 plus, mic is not working, neither siri or voice memo, siri shuts down when you press, and voice memo doesn’t even start to record.

So I assume it’s IC sound chip that’s seem to be a common problem, but could it be the mic itself? Before I proceed is there anyway to check if it’s the mic itself or chip?

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Voice memo and Siri use different mics. You defiantly have the dreaded iPhone 7 audio IC problem.


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Thanks, I noticed I have two of these phones now.

Haven't solder in 15y+, so will be fun if I get this right.

Obviously a manufacturer error from Apple, do later version have this issue as well? Haven't seen this issue that often, mostly cam issues on later models.

Seen some good videos on it so.


@fredrik85 The 7 series is the last to have a signature flexing fault. The iPhone 8 escaped and the newer phones have their boards in two halves totally eliminating the flex issue. When doing the 7 audio IC just be where of the under filled baseband CPU which is directly underneath and doesn’t like too much heat.


Noted, thanks. Will try to find a good video of the repair to avoid destroying the phone =)




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