Released September 22, 2017. Model A1863, A1905. Available as GSM or CDMA / 64 or 256 GB / gold, silver, and space gray.

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Replaced the battery and the charging port but it won’t charge

I replaced the charging port and battery on my iPhone 8 and it refuses to charge the battery. It detects that the phone has a charging cord in it but it is permanently stuck on 0% and I don’t know how to fix it

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Hi mate the way I would try and fix this issue is by going back to basics. Try putting the old charge port back in the phone with a new battery or try a new charge port with the old battery.

Just test each part separately and see which changes your results.

If you find that the old battery is working with a new charge port try buying a nother new battery.


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Problem is I no longer have either the old charge port or the old battery as all the pull tabs broke when removing the battery so it got damaged in the process and the old charging port was completely broken


Unlucky mate it can happen.

If it was me I would reorder a battery and a charger port and see if that changes your results if not you can always send your items back to be refunded by the supplier.

If this doesn't fix the issue you may have just damaged something while removing all the parts so it could need further investigation.


@Salih KOLAKOVIC always double check your work and make sure everything is connected properly. I would suggest you get an inexpensive USB ammeter and see how many amps your iPhone pulls. It'll give you a bit more of an idea about what is going on.



If your phone detects it is connected to the charger it could be a board issue. There are two mosfets near the battery connector. If any one of these have been nudged it will produce the problem you are facing. You will need to check around the battery connector with some magnification as these components are very small. Make sure none are missing or have become loose.


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