Wired Dualshock 4 Controller Left Stick Inputs also Inputs Right Stick

An issue that came up while I was playing Persona 4 Golden with my DualShock 4. Not really sure how the issue came to be other than the fact that I immediately realized that my controller's right stick was not working as intneded.

The issue is that the Left Stick Up also inputs Right Stick Left and Left Stick Down inputs Right Stick Down. The X-Axis of my Right Stick has lost all registration and can only individually input Up and Down. The X-Axis is now controlled by LS Up and LS Down. Keep in mind, LS Up and LS Down inputs as both LS Up/RS Left and LS Down/RS Right.

Some things to note:
I don't use DS4 Windows
I disabled all controller settings in Big Picture
It is not limited to games I launch via Steam, instead it is universal to all of Windows
It works perfectly fine on my PS4 so it cannot be a controller/hardware issue

Using my Controller via Bluetooth fixes the issue, but I can’t seem to get it to work with a game on Steam (Persona 4 Golden doesn’t detect the controller in-game but Steam Big Picture does)

Same issue also applies L1 inputting L1/PS Button and R1 inputting R1/Touchpad
I would appreciate any and all potential solutions :)

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