Controller connects to PC but not PS4

Hello good people.

So I am looking into why my controller decided to suddenly no longer connect to my PS4. It won’t charge not connect.

Now the weird thing is. It connects fine to my PC and everything seems to be in working order. However nothing on the PS4 itself. Now I wondered if it possibly was some issue with the charging port however surely if it is working when connected to my PS4 then it isn’t the port.

Any help would be great.

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Does it connect to the console through wireless.


No nothing with the console at all which is strange. I have checked the ribbon cable from the usb to the motherboard and nothing seems to be the problem. Maybe there is an actual issue with the USB port which is causing it to not connect to the PS4


@leray0409 sometimes the southbridge or Wi-Fi chip could cause this issue


Inside the PS4 itself? Every other controller I have had has been fine. This is the only one that seems to be “dead” when connecting to the PS4 itself.


If it’s just that controller then it won’t be the console.