The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Keyboard not working properly

I spilled a small amount of water on my computer and it seemed like my FN key was stuck down..I cleans my keyboard and dried it but i’m still having issues. I can only go into guest mode as it won't let me log into my account. This is due to the keyboard only making symbols. This has now changed (I can see by using the guest mode where you only have safari) but when I go into my login page, it keeps saying my password is wrong which it's not and I'm pretty sure it's because my keyboard keeps switching to symbols.

Anyways I cleaned my FN key. I can't use any of the top keys like the brightness which are ALL FN keys. I cant use my return/ enter button and my P is showing P0-

I tried plugging in a USB keyboard. It works fine on the guest page. But as soon as I go back to the login page, again says my password is wrong

I've gone into recovery mode to reinstall masos but I don't have enough storage space.

ANY ideas what I can do next?

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@gabbymac What is your computer model ?


@andrewsawesome it's a MacBook air 13 inch early 2015




Keyboard replacement only. For the usb keyboard to work correctly, you need to disconnect the original one from the touchpad.


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