Device not recording on SD card

I’ve tried to troubleshoot this question many, many times via finding answers on the internet, to no avail. It seems as though my DJI Mavic is recording my flights onto my sandisk extreme plus card, but the files are corrupted and I cannot access them in my editing software, my GoPro, or other cameras. Just shows it as empty. I can, however, access the video via my phone(not the lesser quality cache video that’s sent to my phone when you press “record”). I’ve tried reformatting the SD card, to no avail as well.

Any advice would be appreciated, as I just started becoming more proficient with this device and it greatly improved the shots presented in my videos.

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Have you tried a different SD card, you didn't say?

The drone's system specs for the SD card are Class 10 or UHS-1, max capacity is 128GB