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Can't get out of osx recovery after logic board replacement

I replaced the logic board of my mac book but the SSD stayed the same. I got into recovery, deleted the SSD and reinstalled OSX mountain lion, I also installed it on a USB drive. After choosing the SSD or USB as a boot disk and restarting it still boots into OSX recovery, not into the operating system.

I would appreciate any advice

Thanks, Alex

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Do you have access to a second Mac? If you do the easiest way is to get the OS installer downloaded from that system and then prep up a USB thumb drive with the OS and the use that drive to boot up your system to install the OS.

So thats the basic idea but now what is the OS we should install Mountain Lion is not the best choice for your system any more. The best choice is to get to a newer release, I would go with Sierra (1012.x) as its still HFS+ based anything newer will alter your system to APFS. While it has some advantages, it doesn’t work well on SATA/mSATA based systems as the SATA interface buffers can’t handle the heaver chatty protocol of APFS as well.

As a side note your system could run the latest version of macOS Big Sur 11.5 but your systems limited RAM and storage make it very iffy. Which is why sticking with Sierra is the better version.

So here’s when you can down load Sierra How to get old versions of macOS. Format the 32GB thumb drive GUID with Journaled file system, then follow this guide How to create a bootable macOS Sierra installer drive

Now using this Bootable OS installer boot up your MAcBook Air with it, format your internal SSD like you did with the thumb drive and then let the installer run!


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Thank you for the answer! Sadly I dont have access to a 2nd Mac. In the OSX recovery one option was to download Mountain Lion, so that's why I did that. What I dont understand is: it downloaded and installed Mountain Lion successfully so why doesn't it boot into that OS and still boots into recovery?

Do you think it would be different with another bootable medium?

Thanks again


@alexyami - Lets give this a try! Reboot your system, and quickly press the Option (⌥) key they will get you to the Startup Manager, now using the arrow keys select your internal drive.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

Once you get going get the USB drive setup using your system to then upgrade your OS to something better!


So after trying a few times the Mac booted into Mountain Lion from USB. I then updated the USB to Sierra of the internet, which seemed to haveupdated the logicboard's firmware because I could then boot into the SSD (Mountain Lion again) which I have now updated to Big Sur. Thanks for the help!




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