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Function Key does not work as default function

I got a used Apple Wireless Keyboard from eBay. But when I pair it with my ipad and Iphone 4, those F1...F12 does not work as default function (adjust brightness, volume, play/stop music,...). Other key (A..Z, number,...) work well.

I tried to pair the keyboard with my PC (Windows 7) and those F1-F12 still work (open Help-F1, Search-F3,...). It mean the physical button does not damage.

Please help me set those F1...F12 work with my Ipad. I am PC-Windows user, not Mac.

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It appears the older wireless keyboards have the problem you are describing. Apple has a new Wireless Keyboard designed for use with Lion that has an additional set of keys permitting use of function keys with iPads. Link provided to the discussion. It would seem that there may be an update to the iOS for iPads that will correct the problem. All the details in the link. Good luck.


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My keyboard is MC184LL/B, new version compatible with Lion. I found some topic talking about this new keyboard does not fully work with ipad running ios 4. Do not know whether they have any solution to fix it.




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