3 screw bases broken in lower case. New one needed?

Hello everybody,

I'm replacing the soundboard, broken due to a gravity-induced crash. Along with the SB broke the two bases for screws left and right of the PRAM battery, plus the one up left holding the SB. I wonder if the whole thing will hold if I just put it together anyway, or will the hardware break loose and (worst case) short circuit when not properly held by those screws? Do I really need a new lower case? Help is highly appreciated.

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For the two screws in the center there's not too much problem but the sound board must be well attached to the case since that's where you're connecting the AC adapter and if the board is lose it could lead to problematic issues in the future:

Check on ebay for a used bottom case including the sound board. I'm pretty sure you can have one for really cheap. Good luck !!


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Thanks for your quick answer (also to the battery question). Since the base of the SB screw has broken rather cleanly, I'll try to glue it wit a 2-part adhesive. If it seems sufficiently stable, I'll try a reassembly without the other two screws. I think it's worth a try.


Here's a link to a parts Pismo at a reasonable price if that doesn't work out.


Thanks for the link, but this one won't ship out of the US. I'm lucky having a local source for a new lower case anyway :-)




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