Lights/arcs inside of waveguide cover - was it safe to look at?

Hi, I asked this question on another old thread but was not sure if that question will be seen so I thought I would start my own thread.

First, thank you for all of you who will respond to me. I appreciate it alot.

Okay so here is my question:

Hi I am having the crackling/arcing/flashing light in the wave guide cover when my microwave runs. The issue just started. I did read previous threads on this issue and know to clean the microwave really good.

What I want to know is this:

Was it dangerous for my eyes to see those flashes of light or "arcs" in the wave guide cover? I was standing back at the sink about 4-6 feet away when it happened and I could see inside and see those flashes. I have an eye disease so I get concerned and have anxiety about eye damage. I hope it was safe for my eyes to see those arcs? I mean, I heard the crackling noise and looked towards the inside of the microwave and saw those flashes (or arcs) at the wave guide location and then turned it off. I sure hope this was not dangerous for my eyes to see. Its not like a welders arc, correct?

Thank you so much

Any answers from experts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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@shk37 “Its not like a welders arc, correct “ that is correct. That is actually a conjunctivitis caused by the UV rays during the arc welding. In your case there are A. no UV radiation in the Microwave and B. Even if there were, the glass in the door would protect you from it as well as the distance you had between this. It is never a good idea to look directly into arc’s and sparks like that but in your case I am certain you are pretty safe. If in doubt, you can follow up with your ophthalmologist or utilize Tele-Health for it.


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