Repair guides and disassembly information for Google's Pixel 4 XL smartphone, released in October of 2019.

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Replacement battery is missing manufacturer name (Huizhou or Sunwoda)

I ordered a new battery kit for my Pixel 4 XL (Google Pixel 4 XL Battery). From what I've seen elsewhere on the internet, I expected the battery to say either "Huizhou Desay Battery Co., Ltd" or "Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd". However, that portion of the label is blank -- there is no company name listed.

It also has 3700 mAh on the front label but the rear has a QR code and some text printed including "3740 mAh".

I'm concerned about the legitimacy of this battery.

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Google Pixel 4 XL Battery


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Hi @nukem2k5,

Unless you search for OEM batteries, more than likely you will get generic compatible ones.

With ifixit you get a 12 month warranty which is better than some other suppliers. (see warranty period for the battery in the link that you posted)


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How would I search for an OEM battery from iFixit? The image on the iFixit battery kit page shows a battery manufactured by Sunwoda.

Also, my concern is not the battery life but rather that a generic battery could have firmware malware or additional hardware capable of monitoring/stealing my keystrokes, phone usage, etc.


Another oddity is that I can see "Huizhou Desay" extremely faintly on the top plastic layer of the label (in the location it would normally appear) as if the printer had no ink or it was somehow removed later. I have to look very closely and angle the battery with a light reflecting behind it to be able to see it.

See here:



OEM batteries are usually reserved to be sold by the manufacturers themself or by factory authorized repair centers, Anybody else that says they are selling OEM batteries is not quite truthful. iFixit gets its batteries from reliable sources and they are manufactured to OEM specs. You may have gotten a battery that was made in the same factory as the OEM battery yet can not have the same label since it is not for the OEM market. Anyhow, if you are that concerned about it I suggest you contact the customer service department and see if they can get this straightened out for you. About your security concern, if it is that important to you I would suggest you get your battery changed by an authorized service center and thus get a factory battery. I am certain that they will love to spy on you as much as the next company.


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Was planning to replace the battery myself because I don't trust what could happen at a uBreakiFix :(



Assume that you have seen the ifixit Pixel 4XL battery replacement guide with what else is required to do the repair?


@jayeff Thanks. Yes, I bought the full kit from iFixit (Google Pixel 4 XL Battery) and it's the battery from that kit which I'm talking about. The kit has all the required tools and parts.




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