The G502 was released in 2013, and its already ergonomic design was transferred to the G502 Hero in 2018. It features a 16,000 DPi sensor and a scroll wheel with a smooth, gliding scrolling feature.

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Can't click and drag with my mouse

My G502 Hero mouse either doesn’t register single clicks or it double clicks and almost never lets me drag items on the screen. I’m guessing it’s a hardware button problem, but I’m no sure. Can it be fixed?

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you might want to have a look that this similar question (and answer):
Why my Logitech M221 mouse right click is not working? And how to fix

The switches in mice are not that different.
If you want you can even try to open the small switch box and clean the metal flange so it properly closes the circuit again when clicking.


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This is a common issue with G502.. I had it months back and found out Reddit is full of threads stating similar issues. This could a software issue (if you’re lucky) which can be resolved with following steps.

  1. Right click on Windows or Start button and select Device Manager
  2. Under the ITC device, search for Logitech Virtual G-Hub Mouse
  3. Right click on it, select Uninstall
  4. Disconnect the mouse from the computer
  5. Restart your computer
  6. Pair the device to the computer again and check with cps test

If it’s not fixed, you gotta have it repaired or reinstall new switches yourself.


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