Delonghi Eco310 (Vintage Icona) water leakage inside

I have the Delonghi Eco310 (vingage Icona) Espresso Coffee Machine.

This morning I let it heat up as always, then pressed the button for coffee to fill up my cup. Pump worked, water boiled, pressure got the coffee out. Then all of a sudden, a popping noise inside as if a hose or tube came off and steam / pressure escaped with a “tfffffffffffff” sound. After that, no coffee came out anymore, the pump still worked, but all of a sudden there came out water from under the coffeemachine.

I turned it off, waited a bit for it to cool down and checked again, no water came out the normal way, also not over the steamer / frother on the side, but just lots of water from undernearth again.

I dismantled the machine to check all the hoses. Nothing slipped or popped out anywhere, everything seemed fine. I took out the little tube that goes from the top of the pump (anti drip valve) into the boiler. The O-Rings seemed fine, the tube had no damage or signs of leakage. Also the hoses coming from the watertank seemed fine. No visible damage. Pump seemed fine too.

I put everything back together, open this time. I let the machine heat the water up, my steam valve was open so lots of steam came out there at first - I closed it, but then it started steaming out of the anti drip valve? It seems the hot water is going back from the boiler into the top of the pump, rather than down into the coffee dispenser?

Does anyone have an idea which part could be affected? I am not sure if a new pump would fix the problem.

Thank you for your help

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I am answering my own question now to hopefully be of use for someone else, because I fixed my coffee machine today.

This is what I have checked and what solved the problem:

First I checked the little tube that goes from the pump and anti drip valve into the boiler unit. There is a clamp on both ends to remove before you can take it out. First fault can occur here, check the black little O-Rings that might still stuck inside the connectors, if they are worn out they might need replacing.
Then check the little tube for any damage, even any fine tiny cracks can lead to a big leak as 15 bar go through it.
In my case there was no damage there, also not on the tubes that come from the watertank into the pump.

After I checked all that and it seemed fine, I turned the machine back on again with open top (careful of any electrical contacts!!!). Then I saw that water and steam came out of the anti drip valve. It seemed the water got sucked into the pump, pumped into the boiler, heated up there and put to 15 bar, but because the valve was broken the water didnt actually came out but searched the easiest way, which was the broken valve, that regulates the pressure. I went on a site for delonghi spare parts, bought a new valve for £5, replaced the old one and -tadaaaa! It works again!

Block Image


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Thanks for coming back to us with your solution! Maybe it'll save someone's bad day in the future.




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