The Protocol Galileo Stealth is a quad-copter drone released in 2016. It features multi-directional controls, a 2 megapixel 1280x720 camera, and HD Wi-Fi livestreaming.

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What are the battery dimensions in mm

I am looking to buy a few batteries for my drone . The original got wet and swelled up. I have located a battery supplier that is alot less expensive than the only one I can find online. Every other option listed says sold out. The specs are nearly identical 7.4 v XT60 connection the only difference is 2200 mAh compared to the original 2000 mAh extra flight time is fine with me. I can't find my original so I don't have a comparison to be sure the replacement will fit in the batter compartment on the drone. The battery supplier has sent me their dimensions. So if anyone can help me with the dimensions of the original I can possibly place an order. Thanks

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Thank you very much





Is it possible to measure the space of the battery compartment in your drone? Look at the length, width, and depth, then see if the suggested battery would fit into that compartment. A 2200mAh battery has slightly more capacity than the 2000mAh battery, so that is a plus. You indicate that the connector is compatible, so once you check your drone’s compartment size, everything else sounds good. (if the new battery is slightly smaller, that’s not a problem - just add some foam to prevent it from rattling)


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thomas has thanked you - What are the battery dimensions in mm ;)




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