Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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My replacement power supply worked for an hour?

Last September my ps4 pro had a bug get in the power supply and fry it. I was playing a game, heard a pop and smelled smoke and there it went. I finally got a replacement power supply ordered this week and installed it yesterday. I started playing a game to test it out and everything was running fine. But then about an hour and a half in, it suddenly shut off for no reason that i could tell. It felt really hot to the touch and it was a hot day, so i figured the console must have overheated and itd be best to let it sit until it got cooler. But now it wont turn on at all. It will either beep and not light up or light up for a second before turning off.

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Could be a factory faulted item. I also did a PSU change of a PS4 slim and played for an hour and shut it off. The next day I played for an hour again and shut it off then tried turning it back on did the same PSU faulty symptoms (beep turn on and shut off instantly). Weird part about mine though is that if I turn it on then off again (disconnect from power point) and do a system discharge by holding the power button, the console would beep once with no lighting turning on. This I did not experience with any other console I discharged after turning off power. Could be something to do with a faulty capacitor or something since that’s the dude that stores the charge. Also, I had ordered two same PSUs and the other PSU worked fine but this one had a really short life.


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