The RIDGID R84015 X2 is an 18v, 1/2 inch chuck, cordless drill.

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Chuck is stuck and will not turn

I went to use my drill the other day and when I went to put a bit in the teeth, the chuck would not move. I could not get the teeth to move at all, and the chuck would not turn. I thought maybe it was just stuck and thought about putting something in there to loosen things up, but my father-in-law was afraid it might get into the electrical parts. Any information on how to get this unstuck would be helpful. Thanks!

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This is a notorious problem, (you'd think RIDGID would have something on their website) but the solution is to slightly turn the rear collar to open then put a 7/8" wrench on the shaft behind the collar and finally, carefully turn the chuck CCW with a pair of pump pliers avoiding scoring it.





Matt, on your chuck the rotary action of the outer body which acts on an internal screw; this in turn moves the threaded jaws in or out along a tapered surface. So, if any of the jaws, has jumped the thread, it will create a wedge and stop the chuck from moving. You can try to hold the drill with the chuck down and gently tap it with a small hammer (or the handle of a screw driver :-) and see if it will free the jaw. Otherwise, I would think it is time to replace the chuck. It is held on by a bolt right in the middle of the chuck. No electric parts are directly involved with this. Replacement parts and a diagram are available right here. Hope this helps, good luck.


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That worked. Thanks for the simple fix.


I had no idea how to get it to move.

I turned it down, several taps with a small hammer.

Round she goes. Yay! Thank you!



I have the same B&D mains! What happens to these chucks is the end up with dust from drilling masonry! Never try to Grease the chuck. use and releasing fluid WD 40 or generic. Spray down inside the chuck. Place a spanner on the the nut at the the back of the chuck , it requires a standard open Jaw spanner I used a 3/4 Af. Take circular wrench and hold it on the outer side on the chuck and gently turn counter clockwise! Chuck to you right spanner on the base of the chuck and turn the out case of the chuck away from you gently! Then give it regular clean with releasing fluid!

Regards. Fred.


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This worked. Thank you and WD-40!



Take it back to the store Rigid tools have lifetime guarantee


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