Samsung factory reset but with unimaginable messed up problems


I'm a Samsung user, and had a query which has no answers on general web and the customer service couldn't provide an answer for the same.

Do i need to enter the Samsung account details if i factory reset my phone using the GOOGLE "find my device" option. I am aware about google account details which are to be entered but what about the Samsung account details?

Usually by using that service to factory reset the phone, the device is locked out and can only by accessed by entering the google gmail associated with phone. However since Samsung phones have Samsung account i was wondering whether that account is also required for unlocking the phone after factory reset.

Here is the service I'm referring to:

Also kindly note that I cant use the normal factory reset option from the setting, hence the need for factory reset by google FMM service.( I do not remember the samsung account password, and to reset it Ill need access to the email associated with the account which was deleted or the sim with the number associated with the device, which I lost, so if I factory reset my phone without being sure, I’m forever going to be locked out )

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