The HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15 family is a series of 15.0-inch laptops that include features from both the HP Pavilion and HP TouchSmart families.

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The lcd back cover of my screen is cracked, can I replace it somehow?

I’ve seen it be called a lcd back cover, but I’m not sure if that’s the name so I will provide pictures. I also can really find my exact computer here, mine is a HP Pavilion x360 Convertible. It has a touchscreen and it looks pretty similar to the Touchsmart one so I chose that. The side of my cover is cracked, but there’s no damage to the screen itself. Is the back cover thing replaceable? Can I get it fixed at Best Buy? Can I fix it myself? I’ve seen many of the covers being sold on ebay but I can’t seem to find the one for my exact computer so I’m not too sure. Please get me an answer soon, I would appreciate it a lot.

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Hi @rocky_

What is the full model number as shown on the information label on the bottom of the laptop?


I can’t seem to find an information label, the only thing on the bottom is really small and faded letters that I can’t read. If it helps, my computer’s information app says that the model number is HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 15-cr0xxx. That’s the only thing I can find though.





Hi @rocky_ ,

That’s fine. Only needed it to be sure that I gave the correct information for your particular laptop series.

Looking at p.42 of the maintenance and service guide for the laptop, taken from this webpage the lid cover is bonded to the LCD panel and is not available as a separate part.

If you decide to replace the entire LCD assembly (which includes cover) then the part numbers are shown at the top of p.42 followed by the necessary pre-requisite steps and the procedure to replace it.

Search online using the part number only relevant to your particular model i.e. colour and camera type, to find suppliers that suit you best. A quick search of the part numbers shows that they’re not cheap ;-(


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Man, kinda disappointing to hear that but thanks for the info!




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