The Ninja BL660 Professional Blender is the ultimate kitchen appliance. The high powered blender is perfect for chopping, blending, crushing ice, and extracting vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

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Need to know the spec for MOS varistor replacement

The varistor fried so much that I cant read any numbers. I was hoping someone can suggest a replacement. I posted photos here but this is a verbal description:

I show a portion of the board at the red wire power input labeled “AC(1)” showing where the varistor was attached. The varistor was a tan colored disc that looks like a capacitor. The board seems to be labeled “ZNR1” here.

Also rubbing of the label: “Ninja'“; “Blender” “Model BL660 30”; “120V-60Hz 1100W max.”; “Conforms to UL Std. No 982”

last photo shows the tech here with small hands who can get it installed.

Thanks so much for any help. Even if it is a suggestion for what might work.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @adaboy ,

How did the varister blow? Was the blender plugged into 240V AC?

You could try a ERZV10D241 ZNR varister and check if that holds. Search online for ERZV10D241 to find suppliers that suit you best

It’s specs are 150VAC, 200VDC 25A The maximum current for the blender is 9.33A (1100W @ 120VAC)

There is a ERZV07D241 but its current rating is only 10A and that may be a bit close and it may be operating at the top end of its rating which is never good for the long term.

You need to connect the blender via a suitable stepdown transformer if connecting it to 240VAC ;-)


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I don't think my comment posted. Thank you very much for the spec! it is what I needed. You are correct, it was plugged in to 240V50Hz by way of a small $15 transformer converter that did not work properly. I don't know how the voltage went high. I plan to fix the blender and plug it into a large step-down transformer that I also have that gives me a display of output so I know what is going on.




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