Repair guides and disassembly information for Apple's 8th generation iPad. Released September 18, 2020. Model numbers: A2270, A2428, A2429, and A2430.

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Ipad 8th Gen 10.2 removed working screen (but broken)

Ipad 8th Gen 10.2 removed working screen (but broken) - LCD was broke but turned on and digitizer shattered. I removed digitizer and LCD took an LCD used but verified working in another ipad I couldn’t fix due to hardware failure. I removed digitizer, removed LCD disconnected all cables, reconnected LCD and also reconnected digitizer, when holding power button it doesn’t come on. Also, when plugged into the PC it doesn’t appear to recognize the A2270 ipad that I am replacing LCD/Digitizer on. I removed battery screw but didn’t mess with anything with the battery yet. I also tried putting both LCD’s in the ipad that the board I believe is bad and it won’t turn on, on that ipad either. I tried software reset holding home+ power button and I don’t get anything. Has anyone ran into this with a known working LCD? I don’t see anything obvious with the naked eye.

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did you have the battery disconnected in the iPad you're trying to fix? As in did you not only take out the battery screw, but did you put anything under the board or between the battery connectors to completely disconnect from power?


Unfortunately no I didn't crazy part is I repaired same model a few weeks ago same repair, same steps, no issue, this one the charger port no longer works and lcd won't display either. I did attempt to do this after the fact but no change. I'm assuming something got zapped on the logic board but not 100% sure.


I have an older model with compatible parts and removed usb flex cable from that board but I'm assuming that has to be soldered onto the new board to work?




As Jesse has pointed out, you probably shorted logic board in the process since battery was not disconnected, take it to a reputable technician who specializes in board level repair if you don’t have the tools/skillset to do yourself.


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