White and colored vertical lines

Model # is UN50J6200

Had been powering off unexpectedly for a few weeks, now has whole screen of vertical lines. Have removed back panel and cleaned contacts with compressed air. Specifically, the power connection between boards and also the flat screen connection ribbon. None of the wiring has any apparently burned spots or corrosion. There is also a small pixelated spot at lower left of screen that appeared, screen has not been bumped or hit to make that mark appear, was not there one minute and then there the next. What do I need to replace?

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It seems like the biggest problem with TVs are capacitors. My 2 Panasonics both required replacement of some. A TV that is not dead is probably displaying problems cause by caps. Bad caps appear to have a domed top rather than flat or slightly concave. If you find any, either replace them if you or your friend can unsolder/solder or buy that board which will be a whole lot more pricey.


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