Laptop (A1370) has white screen of death

The laptop (A1370) starts with white screen.

The laptop sat unused for 4-6 years. It won’t start up now.

I am not a work bench techno wonder so my descriptive terms may be obsolete or wrong.

A board I can replace, but soldering a capacitor replacement is a bit beyond me.

After searching the web and iFixit for white screen fixes… I have tried all keystroke fixes, the laptop’s recovery flash drive, and DiskWarrior… nothing solves the problem.

I am thinking that the capacitor that holds the start up info (bios) has expired/drained.

It has been suggested that a new SSD or logic board could solve the problem.

I don’t think replacing the SSD would be a big problem, but which board would I need to replace to solve the dead start-up capacitor problem?

And… Would it solve the problem?

Thanks - hadd-edli

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Hi Edwin,

The BIOS uses a standard CR2032 battery to keep configs/time etc.

If this battery is dead your laptop would still start-up albeit with errors which you can skip or address to continue to boot up into the OS.

I’ve seen the white screen issue before and most of the time got it working again by just removing all power sources to the motherboard for a couple of minutes, i.e. remove main power, remove main battery and then BIOS battery, keep everything plugged out for a couple of minutes, insert BIOS battery and then without the main battery just plug in the main power source and see if it will power on or not.

Hope this helps, lemme know.


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