Broken charging board and/or broken display?

Hi! I have a Samsung Galaxy A51 that just broke today from a drop that landed on a corner. The screen froze and then went completely pitch black. It had no lines or flashes or anything, it just froze and died.

I took the phone apart as I always do and sort of tracked it down to a problem at the bottom of the phone, specifically, the charging board area. Trying to unplug and plug stuff back in made no difference but doing so I discovered some more things that are located in the exact same spot: the headphone jack, speaker and digitizer work just fine but the fingerprint sensor and charging port were both dead and the phone told me "The fingerprint sensor is not responding. Try again later." (I saw this by using Smart View inside of Samsung Flow which just duplicates the phone's screen onto my PC.)

Currently the phone is off as I have no way of charging the battery and it's already at ~50% but for how much I used it seemed to work fine, no app crashes or any obvious signs of motherboard damage.

Later I took the phone back apart for a deeper look at the connectors and stuff to see if anything wasn’t looking intact and found that the motherboard ribbon cable connector for the charging board didn’t look very good, bits were missing and the entire thing was like bent. Now, replacing the charging board itself isn’t a big issue, it’s inexpensive and easy to change but I’m wondering if that broken connector sent some funky power through the display driver that damaged it and if I need to replace the entire screen. I’ve heard that if the fingerprint sensor or screen is replaced on an A51 then the fingerprint sensor doesn’t work properly anymore. Does it still happen on the Android 11 One UI 3.0 update which my phone runs on?

Edit: I got a replacement charging board and the screen now works, but the charging port doesn't work on one side and on the other charges slowly and the fingerprint scanner now needs “calibration”. I hope that's not a way of Samsung telling you “You're screwed come to customer service lol”

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