Kitchenaid microwave 5 years old stops working after two minutes

Microwave starts but then stops - repairman says controller needs replaced but Kitchenaid doesn’t support it - it’s only five years old!!! Replacement is approx $1400

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Hi @isabedalhousie ,

What is the model number of the microwave oven?




I’ve had it for five years but it looks like it was manufactured 2012


I asked repairman (who couldn’t repair it without the part) what the part number was - he says “Good afternoon, the part number is 8206314/ microwave control board. ”





Hi @isabedalhousie ,

Here’s the tech sheet for the microwave oven.

Try performing the Touch Panel and Electronic Control Test as described on p.8 in the tech sheet to see if it shows whether the control board tests OK or not.

According to this link the electronic control part number (part #7 electronic control parts diagram) is 8206313 (and also not available) but I won’t argue with a professional repairer if they said that it is 8206314.

If it is determined that the board is faulty, I did find this repair service that will fix the board but I don’t know how much it will cost you.

If you decide to remove the board to get it fixed, be safety aware when working in a microwave oven. The HV capacitor can store >6000V DC for months, even if the power has been disconnected for this length of time. This amount of voltage can cause serious injury or worse. The HV capacitor needs to be correctly discharged as soon as it is accessible, after the cover has been removed from the oven and before commencing any other work in the oven.


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Thanks @jayeff I really appreciate the resources and the time you took to respond and help (and emphasize important safety info). I got the appliance repair company to come out first time for safety reasons.

I can't easily take it off the wall to unplug it (cabinet mounted) so couldn't do p8 tests :-( so still pondering this

I found a "used" controller part on ebay for about $100 ... not sure if that's the best way to go cos I've never bought from ebay before but i've exhausted all other sources. Seller seems to sell a lot of used electronics boards. I did find a board repair service but it was $125 ... and if I get the part I'd still have to get the appliance repair company back to install it which will cost another $135. Ugh!

Do you have any experience of buying used electronic s on ebay? is it worth the risk if they're not returnable?



It's a risk isn't it.

I've bought used before on Ebay but only once I've verified with the seller that it is compatible with my device and also after I've checked the seller's reputation on Ebay.

My limits are that the rep must be 99% or higher. If there are more sellers of the part who have the same rep then I go with my gut instinct.

Not the best method and have only been burned once when the image was not of the actual device (not stated by seller that it was just a similar image of the device) but managed to get my money back from Ebay after unsuccessfully dealing with the seller about the matter. It was only for $40 so I suppose I was initially prepared to gamble if it didn't work but wasn't happy that I didn't get the device as shown.



Thanks ... if I could do it all myself I’d totally take the risk with eBay . Appreciate your perspective.




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