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Home Button not working

Hello, I bought an iPhone 7 with a non functional home button, figured it would be an easy fix, either the screen or the actual home button. So far, replacing both hasn’t changed a thing. I even tried a known working assembly (screen and button) from another iPhone 7 (direct swap) and nothing. The Taptic Engine works fine, but I even tried a known working module and no change.

I understand touch ID is lost at this point, but I’d just like to get home button functionality back. I checked the connections under a microscope and it looks as good and clean as it could be.

I was hoping someone would have an idea on where to look next…even if it is at board level. TIA.

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You could try a Jc home button for home button function only. Taking a button from another phone will not work.


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Hi Daniel, thanks for the suggestion. Are you stating that the home button isn't replaceable in the least? I completely understand not getting Touch ID back, but just replacing it for the Home Button functionality should be possible, not saying Apple isn't above doing something like that but I'm sure I came across other posts stating it's possible. I might even do some experiments myself, because I'm curious.


@Dmak it’s replaceable with Jc model button etc but I don’t think 1 from another phone will work.


After doing more research, I believe you are correct. You can either use the JD model as you suggested or replace the Home Button with a "universal" analogue button like whats in the 6/6S, no bluetooth required. Either way, no haptic feedback, which is somewhat annoying. Thanks for your help.




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