Broken and bent CPU pins

I recently purchased everything to build a new computer and I took out the AMD ryzen 5800x cpu and then it happened so fast, idk how but it fell onto the floor facing down. With a sickness in my stomach I looked and saw some of the pins have been bent. I very carefully attempted to bend them back into place. I was successful with a few, however there's a cluster of 4 or five I can't get back into place, with one that appears to have broken off completely. Is it possible to have a CPU sent in somewhere to be fixed? Or is it completely broken and I'm out 450 bucks?

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First of all if you have a broken pin install it and see if the CPU works correctly. Many pins are redundant (like ground pins as an example). If it works correctly even when you stress test it then you can continue to use it .

This video is very chatty but here you go for straightening BENT pins:

For BROKEN pins take a look at these videos - if that doesn’t scare you off?? (the very least Linus will have you laughing)

or (the shaking is especially reassuring!)

If you have no experience with fine soldering call around to your local repair shops for a quote.

Good luck and let us know how it went.

Oh and next time you are doing something like this open the package, etc. over a table with something soft on it so the fall is only a very short distance and the surface if fairly soft.


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There is an ifixit manual covering how to fix bent pins.


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Hello, a good solution here would be to go to They have a CPU repair service and are able to solder on new pins as well as straighten any bent ones. Just fill out an inquiry on the cpu repair page and they’ll get back to you with a repair quote, definitely much cheaper and better than throwing the bad one away and getting a new one.


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