The Keurig K55 can be identified by its model number, K55 Classic Series. Released December 2, 2015, the K55 supports both K Cups and traditional coffee grounds.

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Plugged into wrong Voltage 220V.

Good afternoon, I accidentally plugged my Keurig machine into the wall without a transformer. The voltage here is 220V. Do I need to buy a Keurig transformer to replace or how can I fix it? Please help. These Keurig was given to me as it was my grandmothers best coffee maker. She lost her battle to COVID-19 this past year so it is very valuable to me. Thank you !

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There's not a for sure way to tell without looking at the boards, but generally the higher voltage would pop a fuse then stop. I think keurig has a thermal fuse but not an inline one so skip that. Next would be the transformer. So you would for sure need a replacement transformer. Step down 120v to 14.5v. You can easily search for a k55 replacement transformer on any parts or auction site. About $10. If you're lucky and it didn't stay plugged in long that's all you'll need to get it going. There may still be some damage to the power board and possibly the main board as well. But it's not unreasonable to think it stopped with the transformer. Look for burn marks on the boards. If worse comes to worse or to cover all your bases buy the transformer, power, and main boards. You should be able to get all 3 for $15-$40. I'd visually inspect everything, get a used $10 or less transformer and try that first. If that didn't work I'd buy the whole thing used and swap the parts. Keurigs are a nightmare to take apart, but very doable. Good luck


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