Repair and disassembly guides for Philips DVD players.

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Laser mechanism continues to push back when opening tray


I have a Philips DVD player DVP2850. Lately when opening the tray with a disc inserted, a sound of gears skipping is heard after which the tray successfully opens. I removed the cover and noticed that when pressing the open button with a disc on the tray, the laser mechanism goes back towards the edge of the DVD disc and keeps trying to go back. This is causing the gear skipping sound. After some seconds the tray ejects successfully. The tray opens/closes normally when without a disc. Any help, please?

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This issue is most likely caused by a defective belt, it loses its grip over time and doesn’t transmit all the motor power to the tray mechanism, you can watch this video or search in the internet on how to replace a dvd belt.

Also, it is possible to manually fully close the tray with the disk in it by pushing the right parts of the dvd mechanism, it’s a bit difficult without mechanical knowledge but it is a good way to check that everything is functional before doing anything.


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Thanks for the answer. However, the strange part is that the tray closes correctly both when empty and with the disc. The laser mechanism itself tries to continue to travel backwards over its rails, reaching the end and thus causing gears skipping noise, before opening the tray, when hitting the tray eject button. Also, I noticed that when theis thing happens, the tray with the disc does not fully ejects but remain about 1/3 covered.


Sorry I really cannot tell you exactly what's happening but statistically the first culprit is the belt and secondly is grease, the last millimetres are crucial and it require more power because the motor have to lift the mechanism, search on the internet on how that works to have a better idea.




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