Repair guides and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy A51 Android smartphone. Released in January of 2020.

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Flex’s / shields on middle frame .

Could someone explain what all the brown flex’s / tape / shields are on the middle frame of the phone are used for , what are they ? Could someone explain what each one is .? Does it matter they got damaged when removing the back .? Have it marked in picture

Update (03/05/2021)

Block Image

I have attached a picture on the one that got damaged .? It’s not the NFC one

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They are the NFC antenna as well as some other antennas.

If one of them got damaged you may have signalling problems, either with GSM or NFC depending on which one was damaged.

Here’s the ifixit Samsung Galaxy A51 Teardown guide, see Step 3.


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I have attached pic above if you know what this one does .?


Hi @l83

I don't know. I have done further research and I'm sure that it is not for the WiFi or BT (have amended my answer above).

Also I cannot find the individual component as a spare part, but if you can't find it either then here's the part number for the mid frame GH98-45033B.

If you search online using this part number "only" in the search box, you will get results for suppliers




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