What is the diode in the Sunbeam mixmaster 2360 attached to the motor

There is a small black diode with an orange conical tip on the back of my mixmaster 2360 and I can’t read what it is. I can’t find any wiring diagrams or service manuals for the newer models. If anybody knows what this diode is, it is much appreciated!

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Hi @rallypanda ,

Post an image of the diode and the motherboard's board number. Here's how to do this on ifixit Adding images to an existing question

Sometimes the schematics can be found by searching for the board number and not the device model name and number as it may be used in other appliances as well.

Is the component ID designated on the board with a D? Having a conical tip seems strange for a diode. The orange band I can understand as it may designate the cathode end of the diode, just not the conical part ;-)