Repair information and guides for the sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Model: A1428, A1429

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iPhone 5 Stuck In Bootloop

Ok, so recently I got this lot of iPhones off of ebay. And one of the iPhones, turns on immediately when i plug it in, and its stuck in a bootloop. Have tried a restore and got stuck at ‘waiting for iPhone' I have also tried DFU mode as well. Do you think a dead battery could be the problem? When I unplug it the phone turns off. I do not want to get the battery and find out something else is the problem and waste money unless other people think it's the same reason, because I am new at repair… Help Please?

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I would recommend starting with a new battery, if you buy from a reputable shop you should be able to return it if the battery wasn’t the problem.

Bootlooping can be caused by more things as well, have a look at thins answer: Stuck in boot loop

There are a number of things that can be wrong, starting with software corruption AND/or hardware failure.

What everybody here is saying: you must first try to restore from DFU.

1/ Disconnect the front camera, leave it off.

2/ Connect a known good battery. Known good, not necessarily new.

3/ Connect screen (LCD + touch connectors only).

4/ Connect home button.

5/ Connect to computer. Turn on iTunes.

- Restore from DFU:

6/ Press and hold Power Button for 2 seconds.

7/ Keep holding Power Button and now press and hold Home Button.

8/ Keep holding both buttons for 15 seconds.

9/ Release Power Button only.

10/ Keep pressing Home Button for another 12-15 seconds.

Do you see a black screen on the iPhone and on iTunes the message "iPhone in restore mode detected?" If yes, click on restore.

If not, report back for other steps.


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You can replace the old battery. Have you tried hard reset? If it doesn’t work, consider restoring iPhone to factory settings, but it will bring data loss.

More detailed information can be found in these pages:


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The things you mention is 100% fixable with a new battery.


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