Can I use any 20 amp fuse for my JVM1630WFC01 GE microwave?

Hi there,

I have a GE JVM1630WFC01 microwave. Am I limited to only use the OEM fuse (WG02F00564 : GE Range Fuse) or would any glass or ceramic 20 amp fuse work?

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Hi @greco888

Have you still got the old fuse?

If so what are the markings on the end caps of it?

If it shows the current rating as T20A and the Voltage as whatever it is e.g 250V, then you need to get a slow blow fuse with the same current and voltage rating e.g. T20A 250V and dimensions and not a standard (aka fast acting) fuse.

If it just shows the voltage and the current e.g. 20A 250V then as long as the replacement fuse has the same current and voltage rating and also the same dimensions so that it will physically fit securely into the fuse holder, then it should work


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Thanks very much! This was very helpful. 125V 20A.

Does glass vs ceramic matter? OEM was glass

I've also read that a 250V would work as well.



Doesn't really matter as to type especially if the original was glass, but if the original was ceramic the circuit design may have dictated that a ceramic was used as it offers better thermal protection in high current situations.

Glass may be easier to see if it has blown, if it blows again. Note that there is always a reason why a fuse blows so if it does it again, the reason will have to be found.

It is the current rating that matters more than the voltage rating, although that is not to say that the voltage rating is unimportant.

The current rating is specific as its value is determined so that the appliance can operate safely and that the fuse will blow preventing a fire hazard etc in the event of a problem which causes excess current to flow.

As long as the fuse's voltage rating is equal to or higher than the voltage that the circuit operates at then it is OK.


Thanks again jayeff!




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