Bluetooth speaker by Brookstone, released late 2013. Recalled in 2018 due to battery issues.

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Bluetooth not connecting - LED ring won’t flash, worked fine yesterday

I’ve turned the device on and off several times now to try and troubleshoot the issue, which is that the device no longer wants to pair or be discoverable by my iPhone. I’ve clicked “forget this device” from my iPhone 11 Pro and tried holding and pressing the power button to prompt Bluetooth pairing, however the speaker never shows up as discoverable on my Bluetooth list and the blue LED ring around the power button never flashes to show me it’s ready to pair. It worked completely fine yesterday, never had any issues and have had it for at least 2.5 years. What’s the issue and how do I solve it? Seems that even when plugged in and charging, it still will not allow the Bluetooth pairing process to begin.

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iPhone 11 can sometimes lose bluetooth after a drop, so step one is to see if someone else’s phone can pair with the speaker to isolate the problem to either the speaker or the phone.


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