Support and repair information for Beats Solo3 headphones.

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Left Side Trouble Working With Wire ONLY

Hi everyone,

I always use the wire with my headphones and didn’t have trouble with it until yesterday. The right side still works perfectly, but the left will only work if the wire is shifted in a specific way. For example, if I turn my head the sound on the left side will start and stop working several times. It’s hard having to stand completely still for the sound to work and sometimes it’s difficult to get the wire in a position that will work. I’ve tried it without the wire, using bluetooth, and both sides work fine. I also use the mic on the wire for online school so I would prefer to fix the issue rather than use bluetooth. I’ve had these headphones since 2017.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hello, that’s a very classic headphone/earphone common issue, first you need to use another wire, if that doesn’t work then it’s the female jack port inside the headphone.


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Thank you so much for responding! I will try to find or buy a replacement wire and update after.


You're welcome, I hope this will solve your problem :)




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