4-inch iPhone released in March 2016 with similar hardware specifications to the 6s. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, or Rose Gold with 16/64 GB storage options. Model A1662 and A1723.

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Can I re-attach my digitizer with heat?

I just dropped my phone on the kitchen floor - ouch!

On first inspection I thought my screen had cracked in the top left hand corner but no, it’s fine. There is however some damage - the digitizer and glass have started to part company and there is a ‘rash’ of tiny ‘bubble like marks’ between the two.

I ran my thumb across the area in an attempt to re-stick the glass, no good. Then I warmed it slightly with a hair dryer and tried again. There was an immediate improvement but the damage is irritatingly still visible.

I’m hesitant about getting the phone too hot. How far should I go? Am I likely to fix the damage completely or could I make matters worse.

Although I’m fairly competent at repairs having changed both batteries and screens on iphones in the past I’m hesitant this time. The reason is that I have phone insurance, courtesy of my bank this time, so for a £75 policy excess, I could get the phone replaced with a refurbed one. I don’t, therefore, want to cause obvious evidence that I’ve been messing too much with it! Nevertheless everything else is working so I could save myself a lot of hassle.

What should I do?

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I think you’ll have to live with it. The glue between digitizer and glass is called OCA glue, you can look it up on youtube. That material is chemically cured and not with heat, so once solidified it’s difficult to repair if there’s a damage…


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Thanks for your help. I see what you mean about the glue - interesting. I’d always assumed the screen and digitiser were fused together with heat.

Anyway, oddly, as the day has gone on, the damage has visibly lessened to the extent it’s almost disappeared. This morning after I’d dropped the phone, it was so bad I’d never have considered living with it, now it’s not really a problem.


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