GE Profile Microwave not heating and turntable not turning

I have a GE Profile Microwave Model PEB9159DJ1WW. about a moth ago the fan stayed on when the door was open. That problem went away. Two days ago the turntable would start turning when I open the door. Yesterday the unit stopped heating and the turntable does not turn. The light works and all controls work fine. The unit sounds like it is working , but no heat and turntable does not turn.

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Check that the door interlock switches part #20 & 21 -oven cavity parts diagram are operating correctly and that the switch levers (part #20) and also the interlock switch bracket (part #24) are OK and not broken or loose

The interlocks are a safety device that prevents the microwave from starting if the door is not closed and also stops the microwave if the door is opened while it is operating.

Be safety aware when working inside a microwave oven as the HV capacitor can store >6000V DC for months even if the power has been disconnected for this length of time. It needs to be discharged correctly before commencing any work inside the oven after the cover has been removed. This voltage can seriously injure you or worse. If you don’t know what you’re doing then don’t do it!


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Thank you very much. Can you tell me which of the switches should be Normally Opened and which should be Normally Closed?


Hi Peter,

Sorry no, I don't know. Without a wiring diagram (unless there is one on the inside of the cabinet) it would be hard to know which is which

Use an Ohmmeter to test the switches when you manually operate and release them.

Alternatively you may be able to visually check that the switch's actuating lever is being operated by the door latch etc as the whole bracket assembly may be loose and the switches have physically moved position so that they're not functioning fully or properly




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