Released September 20, Apple's flagship 2019 smartphone features a 5.8" OLED display, a triple-lens rear camera, and greatly improved battery life. Successor to the iPhone XS.

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Why are my apps see through

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Hello, lately my iPhone has been rebooting itself out of nowhere. I could be on FaceTime then all of a sudden I see a black screen with the loading circle thing, the call does not end or nothing but when it turns back on my apps are see through. I can still tap them but they seem to be disappearing. Also if I am on a app such as TikTok and the problem occurs, it is not like how it is if I was on a call meaning I still am on the call while rebooting… it will take me out the app and close down all the apps that were previously open.

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I would try to do the basic procedures first. You could reset the phone or even put it in DFU mode (please look on youtube) to make a clean restore. You will lose your data but if that’s a software failure then it will be gone. If the problem stays, then this might be a very serious hardware issue…


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