Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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Capacitor Value on Motherboard next to Power Supply Plug


i need the value (???uF) from this capacitor. I guess an smd cap with 35v rated should be enough, because there should be only 5V / 12V coming from the power supply. But i don’t know the value of it. Thank you for your help.

Block Image


PS4 Pro CUH-7016B

Motherboard NVA-001

Let me know, if you need more information.

Thanks again.

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I have same problem and i need to know this capacity value (??uF) , if any body know please tell me


@Payam N Hey Payam, i soldered a 10uf in the same size. as i mentioned already it is only for the power on sequence of the board with only 5v standyby voltage. so just use one in the same size with at least 10uf. worked for me. good luck


Dear Selim its a huge help for me thank you so much.





Hello, according to what I found on the net, there are no schematic for Playstation 4 motherboards, the only solution is to find another one and directly measure the capacitance, make sure to desolder the capacitor before measuring otherwise you’ll get wrong value.

Since capacitors are very cheap you can try different combinations, I don’t think this will damage your console but try it at your own risk.


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yeah i already searched for schematics but no chance. i hope i will find one. is it enough to desolder one side and measure it? i dont want to take apart the whole board just for this. thanks


Yes you can desolder only one terminal, just make sure that it doesn’t make any contact before measuring.



i found another motherboard. but i failed to desolder it. i tried it with hot air. (440°C) no chance. Brute forcing it with an solderbridge failed also. It seems like it is "screwed" on the board. i dont know how to desolder it. any ideas? thanks


and which capacitors i should try? i mean which uf? thanks


xD maybe you need to use a rocket launcher on that poor capacitor in order to remove it. Anyway, if you didn't manage to broke the capacitor yet I think there is another way, measure the capacitance on both motherboards (yes I know there is no capacitor on your main board but pretend like there is one and put the multimeter on the terminals), subtract the values and you'll find what you need.

Of course it depends on the design of the motherboard, the result cannot be very accurate, also you need to know the type of the capacitor.





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