Is it safe to use microwave with power supply unscrewed?

Made a big mistake. Found a working microwave recently left outside my apartment’s communal dumpster, plugged it in and it heated up water in a mug fine. It was offbalance though so I thought I could unscrew the bottom so I can attach the stabilizing feet of my other microwave so it’s all even. Ended up unscrewing a big black box and it came loose, googled and found out it was the power supply. Very hard to screw back in without taking apart the entire microwave (which i have no idea how to do.) Is it possible to use the microwave with the box loose, or should I not risk it? Haven’t plugged it in yet after unscrewing, am scared.

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Hi @tokani

IMO if you can correct it, why not, share the model no of the microwave.

TAKE PRECAUTION when opening the microwave, especially on the High Voltage capacitor.

i think that should be the transformer holding onto the microwave base.

for a peace of mind and some safety.

no doubt it will works.... but when moving and in event it hits on the metal casing and someone forgotten it and turn it on.





Hello, I think you’re talking about the transformer, if you’re not aware of, this thing can output around 2000 Volts which can easily kill a human especially if the microwave is not grounded. So, you must NOT risk it and put everything in place, or don’t use it.


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